Develop a Strong and

Trustworthy Inner Compass

Trust is an essential ingredient for any successful endeavor. That includes the trust you build with yourself to navigate every crossroad. 


Self-trust, also known as intuition, honors the work you’ve done in self-development. Trust of self is the result of experience drawn from life lessons, creative endeavors, formal education, mentors/coaches, and more.


So, take a moment to breathe. 


Now take a slightly bigger and deeper breath.


Imagine your growth and experience as a golden compass to navigate even the most challenging terrain. 


As you continue to breathe, honor the experiences that have deepened your trust in yourself, and the decisions you've made, including those that worked and those that didn't. All of it has helped you become an ever more authentic self, calibrated toward true north. 


When you feel complete with this short meditation, consider the following as you learn to work with a strong inner compass …


Clean your compass

Self-trust calls for healing and self-understanding. Imagine that you’re wiping dust and dirt from a compass lens. You must work gently to resolve emotional tendencies and patterns that block clarity.


For example, imagine that you are seeking a new work opportunity, but have not resolved your reason for leaving your present work situation. Maybe a co-worker or a boss proved problematic, or maybe you just don't like the commute. Either way, when you make the effort to create change, even when there are wounds to heal, you’ll have a clean slate – a new compass that knows true north. It’s never a good idea to take baggage into the future, just like it's never a good idea to navigate with a dirty or a broken compass.


Sharpen your inner navigation skills

Just because we trust ourselves doesn't mean that we know the terrain ahead. Practice using your intuition in simple, light scenarios, like deciding where to eat your next meal or choosing the route to get there. Such exercises in intuition will help build your navigator muscles. Ask yourself to feel into decisions, and not just trust your thoughts. As you become more successful with choices, you’ll be ready to risk future decisions grounded in deeper discernment. 


For example, you can cultivate the courage to make personal decisions without asking others for approval. Your inner trust level may be low at first, so start with easier choices and build resiliency and strength. Consider, for example, what you wear when you want to look your best. Over time your confidence will grow and you’ll gain the courage to make decisions with a greater impact.


As you learn to trust your intuition, be mindful of your thoughts. Be kind to yourself and go easy on self-criticism when results don’t pan out. These setbacks aren’t necessarily a sign of failure. They’re road signs to let you know that more discernment is needed in the future. 


Live magnanimously

Your true north is driven by the heart, not the ego. True north is free from petty resentment and vindictiveness. When you choose to live from this space you reveal the deeper workings of inner compass navigation. Generosity and nobility of mind and character become the drivers. Choose to live magnanimously and you will never lose your way.


Write your own adventure

Your life is your story, and how you tell your story shapes your life. There is nothing noble about spending your whole life supporting other people’s dreams, nor talking about other people’s dramas. Such tendencies fill voids in your life and block creativity and energy that you need to make progress. With intuition and self-trust, you will accept the driver’s seat.


Take a breath.


Get your bearings. 


Trust yourself, tell your story, and love the process.


Copyright Darren Becket