Discover Your Heart Intelligence

How many times have you tried to outthink a challenge, grasping at thoughts, hoping for clarity, but getting only confusion?


Are you worried that you will make the wrong choices in life?


Do you have decision fatigue?


It's time to discover your heart intelligence.


The heart is a powerful organ with a fascinating story, and much like the brain, the heart has neuron-like cells that produce an electro-magnetic field. When this field is in balance, with calm breathing and minimal tension, the body is soothed. It becomes easier to think, and at the same time be in your current state.


To make this more real, practice having a chat or a thought with your hand on your head (mind), and then at the center of your chest (heart). Do you notice the difference?


The brain is responsible for duality. Left brain vs right brain, bad vs good, wrong vs right. The brain needs to pick a side.


Heart intelligence, on the other hand, is responsible for connection, wholeness and equableness. Think about the way you’d make a decision regarding your child or your loved one. Consider the brain and the heart intelligence. How might each of them feel in the process of making a life choice?


The heart is where you go to explore life decisions with deep insight.  Because the heart is always after the most fair result, it doesn’t focus on just being right, or in other words, the ego. The heart is equipped to find solutions and remedies that nourish and heal.  It is here that your choices are transformed.


The illogical becomes logical. 


Polarities neutralize.


Dogmas are set aside.


Peace remains.


In the heart all is connected.



Follow my 5-step process below to leverage your gifts. 


Step 1: Find a quiet space where you will be uninterrupted for twenty minutes. Nature soundscape on noise-canceling headphones can reduce outside noise.


Step 2: Close your eyes and take a few deep breaths. Visualize the earth beneath your feet, the sky above your head, and your spine as the neutral space in between.


Step 3:  As you relax become aware of the mind space placing a hand on your head. See with your imagination the two hemispheres of the brain and their unique purposes. Left hemisphere is focused on analytics and right hemisphere creativity. Spend a few moments contemplating what being in mind space feels like. 


Step 4: Take a few longer deeper breaths, then place a hand on your heart and do the same. Contemplating your thoughts and the feeling of being in the heart space.


Step 5: Gently, when you feel complete, come back into the room. Write down any insights you may have.


Copyright Darren Becket