We live in a potent transformative moment in history. No doubt, you are feeling this as well. For many, adapting to new life circumstances and routines are a necessary change of pace. Also, taking into account the wild, and human made changes happening across the globe it is hard to not feel depleted and without the proper rest for recovery.


Now is the time to find your center. The place that you cultivate in your life, literally and symbolically, that allows for more space to feel and be authentically you. 

Just like the calm at the center of a hurricane, you must develop a calm center in your being that keeps you still when the storm is close. This space you cultivate helps you to be resourced to respond to life, rather than react.


This space helps you to see when you are acting unauthentically, helping to steer a challenging situation back to normalcy. 


This space inspires you to love yourself when you don’t.


This space gives you permission to let go of stresses you are holding, so that better things can enter your life.


This is the space that you create for yourself to feel better. 


Practice developing this space.


Follow my 4 step process below to find your center in the storm. 


Step 1: Find a quiet space where you will not be interrupted for 20 minutes. Nature soundscape on noise canceling headphones are a helpful to reduce outside stimulus.


Step 2: Close your eyes and take a few deep breaths, visualizing the earth beneath your feet, the stars above your head, and your spine as the neutral space between.


Step 3: See yourself breathing into your heart and with each breath imagine space developing around you like in the center of a storm. See the boundary between you and the the storm all around you. See yourself in the center and with space between this boundary.


Step 4: When you feel complete creating this spaciousness in your energy field gently come back into the room and the physical space around you.


Copyright Darren Becket