Change in life is inevitable. This is not a secret. 


Sometimes you feel change coming before it happens and you respond appropriately. At other times change arrives suddenly, forcing you to reshuffle priorities and adapt to new circumstances. Some changes last only a few days, while others unfold over years.  


Change can feel exciting and pleasant or it can feel demanding and out of place.

Either way, change happens. As the pre-socratic philosopher Heraclitus said, “The only constant in life is change.”


When you recognize that change is a constant, you can use it to build a better life. You can become a champion of change rather than a victim. You can learn to ride the waves as a surfer does, assessing the tide, currents and weather cycles. This insight, developed over time, will allow you to make better decisions, just as a surfer learns to choose the right wave. 


With practice, your patience and foresight will deepen. You will become your own trustworthy guide. In time you will see the potential for growth in everything you previously considered a challenge. You will build a mindset to recognize change as a catalyst for a better life. 


You can prepare yourself daily for change by learning techniques for well-being and self-care routines. In doing so you will create a clear and grounded view of yourself and your life path. 


It’s important to learn to ask for help from a trusted source, a mentor who has the knowledge and skill to teach you. In time you will become a powerful change agent yourself, working with others to ride the waves of change and create a better life together. 


Change is inevitable. Success lies in how you see it. 


Be the change. Ride the wave.


Follow my five step process below to better ride the waves of change in your life.


Step 1: Find a quiet space where you will not be interrupted for 20 minutes. Nature soundscape on noise canceling headphones are a helpful to reduce outside stimulus.


Step 2: Close your eyes and take a few deep breaths, visualizing the earth beneath your feet, the stars above your head, and your spine as the neutral space between.


Step 3: See yourself at a place near water, i.e. ocean or river. Take a few breaths to notice the water, how it moves, dances, crashes, subsides, and flows. Try not to make sense of the flow with your mind, simply acknowledge the flow happening and the harmony maintained as the water moves.


Step 4: Be still and let the feeling of water flowing be a reminder that nothing is permanent. Then, take a few minutes to see yourself surfing the waves of change in your life with more grace, vitality and ease. 


Step 5: When you feel complete with the process of feeling more aligned with your creative energies gently come back into the room and the physical space around you.


Copyright Darren Becket