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For in-person energy sessions or intuitive massage therapy email info@darrenbecketwellness.com


What is an Energy Session?

Energy sessions are a hybrid of restorative exercises, mindfulness and transformational coaching, personally tailored to every client.


Sessions can include stretching and breathing techniques to restore physical balance, meditative techniques for mental balance, and personal therapeutic processes for emotional balance.


​Darren is a skilled physical, mental and emotional well-being guide leveraging his decades of professional experience and formal education.


Who is it appropriate for?

Sessions are appropriate for anyone (regardless of age or experience level) wanting to feel better in their bodies and develop an awareness of self that greatly benefits ones physical, creative and personal potential. 


What happens once I purchase a personal session?

Once you purchase a session, or program, an email will be sent with simple instructions to schedule and join your session. 


First time clients will be asked to take a brief intake form, which is also emailed after purchase of a session. This ensures Darren is able to better understand and create the right action plan for your health and well-being needs.


How do I prepare for my personal session?

To prepare for your session please wear comfortable clothing, and have enough space to comfortably move and see your screen. 


What is the cancellation policy?

Darren will always try his best to accommodate your needs, however he asks for 48 hours notice if you wish to reschedule or cancel your booking. If a cancellation is made less than 48 hours before your session, you will be charged the full amount for the session.


I’ve been working with Darren for over 6 years. His professionalism and expertise in delivering wellness services has helped me in my life tremendously. He is just what the doctor ordered.

- Deborah Irmas


Darren's positive energy is contagious. I just feel so good after our lessons. He always knows what I need to bring my life back into balance.

- Megan Williams


Darren's guidance has helped me to step into new habits I thought would be unachievable. His breadth of knowledge and experience is obvious when you meet him.

- Patty Henkin


Darren continues to amaze me with his insight on maintaining proper skill and form throughout our sessions. Aches and pains I thought I'd live with forever have vanished.

- Matt Bruen


Darren embodies his work. I have studied with many master teachers in my lifetime, Darren stands out as wise for his age, experience that is clearly beyond one lifetime.

- Hanna Heiting​


I'm always so impressed with Darren's ability to create sessions that are so diverse and so effective at keeping my body in top shape.

- Annette Rubinstein


Darren makes living healthy so fun! I look forward to all our sessions together. 

- Teri Marimotsu


Working with Darren is such a pleasant experience. He really understands how to listen to my needs. Our sessions together are always a treat to my week. 

- Sherry Weinman

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